LolSkinners: New Year 2018 Event Giveaways!

Greetings Skinners!

First of all, I would like to congratulate the 5 lucky winners of our mystery chest giveaways.

Now, we are very happy to announce our New Year 2018 Giveaways!

  • Mystery Champion Skin
  • Skin Wards
  • Icon

How To Join?

  1. Like and Share the post.
  2. Like our Facebook page.
  3. Became a member of LolSkinners
  4. Follow this site by Email (Gmail recommended)
  5. Comment your IGN below of this post.

Winners will get their Gifts after adding the sponsor for 2-3 days.

Submit your very best play League of Legends highlight video. Normal or Ranked Game only. No URF.

  • 1st Place Winner 120 RP worth of Mystery Skin

  • 2nd Place Winner of Mystery Skin
  • 3rd Place Winner of Skin Wards
  • 5 Winners of any Icon you want by raffle draw.

We will be the number 1 free Lol Skins provider for PH server in just giving you some by joining our community. If you really wish to have your very own skin or any skin that you would like too, we will make it possible here in LolSkinners.


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